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This is a way to describe an annoying person who joins an internet forum just to try to upset people with foul language, or by insulting people. Normally these people have a history of depresion which is why they find the need to try to make others feel worthless, as they do themselves.
Typically these individuals are between the ages of 18-35 and have a history of being a recluse and a loner. As of yet the only treatment is to ignore these people. and to say a prayer for them if you want.
Sharroz: Why did that guy come on this forum and call me a loser for no reason?
Albert: It's because he is a "Forum Fighter", he is trying to wing you up, so don't let him.
Sharroz: Oh, I won't, but i'll get him back.
by Paul Fleming July 17, 2006

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