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When a nerdy couple date only using technology. One does not Forty Percent Date face to face, physical contact is not allowed and under no circumstances can the two speak to one another offline unless they are in a group of at least ten people. Forty Percent Dating is only used when both counterparts of the couple are too socially awkward, anxious or inept to do anything with one another. Both are extremely relieved when the relationship is terminated as they had difficulty stringing one sentence together in order to speak to their boyfriend/girlfriend. This mostly happens in younger couples with less experience in the dating world, not many can get passed Forty Percent Dating until their third or fourth relationship. It is then when they may grasp the concept of dates. It is not very often when a person finds themselves unable to get passed the Forty Percent Dating stage of their life. Normally, if this happens it is because the person is too co-dependent on their friends and doesn't make enough time for their relationship. It is suggested that they take a slight step back from their friendships and become more involved in their romantic interest. Forty Percent Dating is also known as: Somewhat Dating, Halfway Dating and Loveless Relationships.
"Hey man, did you finally dump that girl you had a Forty Percent Relationship with?"

<Person 1> and <Person 2> dated for three months. In that time they talked face to face once. The rest of their lives were dominated by the internet and texting, it was to the point that if they made eye contact it scared them. They were Forty Percent dating.
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