The 2nd largest city in the state of Indiana. The demographics mainly consist of:

A. People who go to IPFW because they are too stupid to be accepted to another college. However, they think they are hot shit because, hey, they're in college. Because they could not go to another University, they have extra money, and spend it on buying a car that they no doubt, probably have sex with based on the way they value it.

B. Guys think that they are cool because they where pink shirts and pop their collars because they are tools. They can be seen at Taco Bell at 1 in the morning.

C. People who run red lights, because they have to get to "college" or go to the mall to buy pink shirts and polos.

D. Girls who basically resort to becoming sperm dumpsters because they go to "college" and major in Sociology and probably work at Hooters or some sort of restaurant where they are rewarded promptly for flirting with guys in pink shirts. They also attempt to get into Pierre's underage and think they are hot because they get hit on 30 year old trashy guys.

E. The townies who frequent Pierre's or other such bars and hit on "college" girls.
"You're a guy from Fort Wayne? You probably go to IPFW, wear pink shirts and pop your collar, and run red lights. You are a douche-bag"

"You're a girl from Fort Wayne? You probably go to IPFW, major in Sociology (in which you'll never use this degree), work at Hooters, and try to get into Pierre's to get hit on by 30 year old guys. You are a sperm dumpster."
by Clyde Crashcup April 03, 2007
A city in northeast indiana containing:

1) 250,000 people

2) middle-classed hicks who think they're rich because they golf who go to horrible restaurants with menus on a clever, just because they're over priced

3) Second-rate universities (IPFW: I Paid For What?), unaccredited scam schools and diploma mills

4) Underaged self-proclaimed "thugs" who live downtown and brag about smoking catnip

5) A trashy dive that pretends to be "the largest nightclub in the midwest"

6) Women who for some reasons get fat and worn-out within months after high school

7) Corn

8) Farm animals and the men who love them
Wait, you actually moved to Fort Wayne to come to school? Are you stupid?!
by I paid for what? July 29, 2009
A town in northeast Indiana who's main poulation consits of

A. Nasty old men hicks with mullets and racecar t-shirts who spit and are extremley vulgar, and their wives or girlfriends.

B. "Ghetto" people who pretend to carry around guns, and claim they are hood, just beacuse they are poor. Don't talk about their mommas or they will shoot you.

C. "Sk8ers" who spend all their time at Lawton Skate park talking about how "Punk Rawk" they are and how they had so much fun at the Simple Plan concert 3 years ago.

D. Kids who go to shows. Some of these peole skate too, but they are actually intrested in decent music. Some are straightedge, but for the most part kids walk around with X's on their hands as a joke, and a ciggarete IN their hands. Alot of kids who go to shows just want to be Scene"
"Were going back to Bob's place to drink some beers and watch the race!"

"Foreal dawg I would kill you. We's about to go get KRUNK and do some meth and become homeless DAWG."

"OMG I'm so punk rawk! Let's sk8!"

"Coming to the Saints & CxE show to see all the Fort Wayne local bands so we can be scene!?"
by Annliseia September 30, 2006
1. A city in Northern Indiana that pretty much resembles the jock strap of Michigan. Residents desperately wish they lived in Michigan, but border patrol keeps them out.

2. Home of the Worst hockey team ever.
Fort Wayne is the Tijuana of the United States.
by Nick Boucher April 24, 2009
A city of almost 200,000 people in the northeastern corner of the state of Indiana. This place is the Rudeness Capital of the Midwest. People here and from here are very rude and inconsiderate, even though they have no reason to.
Everyone I ever knew from Fort Wayne was a total prick.
by The Kentucky Yankee February 02, 2005
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