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A town in north East Colorado. Often called stinky farm town or Fort Mexico. There are many farms located here but there is also a beet factory and a cow slaughter house that burns cow blood every Friday. The greatest entertainment here is McDonalds. Many people here resort to drugs to entertain themselves because this town is very boring besides the random people that hide around corners that will shank you in the back! :D Population - 11,034

11,034 people live in Fort Morgan, CO (Colorado)

39.04% of residents in Fort Morgan, CO are Latino 39%

58.71% of residents in Fort Morgan, CO are Caucasian 58.7%

tourist- What is that awful smell?
me- oh that could be
1. beets rotting in the ditches
2. Cow blood being burnt
3. Damn Mexicans that never shower!

but most likely the last one!
by Social_Butterfly_Kelsey February 01, 2009
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