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1. an unrealized industrial backwater town straddling the borders of Arkansas and Oklahoma in the United States.

2. a certified methamphetamine hub.
The air smells of dog food and broken spirits. I believe we are in Fort Smith.
by JedediahUlysses April 22, 2011
Second largest city in Arkansas and sister city to Cisterna, Italy.

*Ranked by Forbes to have the lowest cost of living in the country and 6th in income growth
*Home of the Fort Smith National Historic site, known for the "Hangin' Judge" Isaac C. Parker
*Chosen to be home for the new US Marshal Service national museum
*Adjacent to Fort Chaffee, which replaced the original fort, noted as twice being used to house refugees and as a stop on Elvis Presley's route to basic training.
*Home of the 188th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard
We're driving down to Fort Smith to go to the mall tomorrow.
by akuyume January 30, 2008
a nice city in Arkansas next to the Oklahoma borderline, a very cultural town, mixed with Hispanics, Asians, Indians, Blacks and Whites, have jobs, clubs, and a city of 83,000(about that many) the 2nd largest city in Arkansas
Let's go to the Fort! Fort Smith, Arkansas!