Pure, unblemished, beautiful genius; the closest thing the world has seen to classic hip-hop since Jay-Z.
Me: Have you heard it yet?

Anyone: What?

Me: Fort Minor?

Anyone: Why?

Me: Because your life, quite simply, isn't complete yet.
by Andy The King August 10, 2006
An igloo filled with underage children who are protesting their ridiculous work hours.
Guy 2: Yeah, their whiney cries keep me up at night. Jesus, I wish that they'd let those children off of work. Those kids need a benefit!
by xpaperheartx May 30, 2007
A hip hop group made up of minor rappers, that nobody has heard of.
A common example of a conversation involving "fort minor"

Do you think Linkin Park will get back together?
Is that the guy from Linkin park?
by REVOLV3R November 04, 2007
Music for polo wearing bros. The song Remember The Name is sooooo lame.
I love blaring fort minor before my football game!
by Christina4 December 21, 2008
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