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a.k.a. A nice city with a pig problem.
A suburban town right across the border from Charlotte where where cops have absolutely nothing because absolutely nothing goes on. Unfortunately for any young person who likes to have fun by simply drinking one or two beers locked quietly inside a small house, the police feel the need to bust in the house and write up tickets to absolutely everyone and threatening to throw them in jail if they say one word or use a cell phone from there on out. They then proceed to butt fuck all small innocent little boys hiding in the house and leave with any sort of narcotics found during the search. Surprise, Fort Mill! Your night is officially ruined!

ps Wade
1. Innocent citizens of Fort Mill, SC get arrested, often.

2. -Hey, Timmy, I think we should move out of Fort Mill, SC.
-Great idea, Stuart!
by Rebecca W. June 12, 2008
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