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When someone has a lot of pubic hair, or a huge bush, and it is set on fire.
Dat nigga got a forrest fire, he can't pee anymore.
by APdaBoss February 09, 2008
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A popular beer bomb drink started in Central California by Eric Middleton. A shot of gin with a splash of Grenadine on top is dropped into a half a glass of Sierra Nevada and then chugged. Most either love it or hate it, you be the judge.
"Hey bro let's get some Forrest Fires!"
by J-Messy November 28, 2011
Overly gay flamer. So gay, flamer does not fully encompass the level of gayness.
One flamer says to another, "OMG Trevor, look at that forrest fire over there... I wonder if he has plans on Friday night."
by Raye2784 January 31, 2007

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