Forrests are awesome smelling guys with thick hair and muscular lips.......... wait a second. I'm thinking of a Gabriel.

Forrests are very arrogant. They care about no one but themselves. They appear to never feel emotion, but in fact, they are very emotional people. They cry themselves to sleep at night because of their hideousness.

Forrests always try too hard. They wear 'cool' clothes and slick their hair into shiny mohawks with butter.

Never get involved with a Forrest because one day they will tell you they love you, and then soon enough, they will stab you in the back and eat your hair.

Forrests have very addictive personalities. Find a Wii, pop in Rockband, and you will attract masses of Forrests.

Forrests think that they are studmuffins, but in reality girls run away from them.

Forrests have a tendency to crush on Emma Watson. They just can't get enough of her baldness.

Forrests also have some good qualities. They are good singers. They are very smart. They can do an amazing jazz walk. Forrests are also very good at guitar.

If you meet a Forrest you are actually very lucky. They can be really good friends and great people to hang out with. Don't let your Forrest go because they will never...... k........ won't often let you down. ;)
Stacy: Hey Forrest. Wanna hang out on Friday?

Forrest: Why would someone wanna hang out with you?
by UD whore February 02, 2011
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Top Definition
Although commonly thought to be derived from the English word 'forest' which is a "large woody area," it is actually the reverse. It was a name, 'Forrest', first with an ancient Greek translation of "Large Penis." When looking for a name for a "large woody area," the English adapted what they already knew had "large wood," to the slightly altered spelling, 'forest.'

Basically, Forrest is a name for a person with a huge dick.
- "Wow, that guy was hung like a Forrest!"

- "Wanna go out?" "No." "Let me rephrase that, my name is Forrest, you wanna go out?" "Hell Yes!"
by Sonia Belmont July 06, 2008
An honest guy who is very hard to get.( tall, dark, and handsome)
Man, Forrest is hard to get, he's been asked out so many times!
by zmk April 13, 2009
A person who makes you feel like everything in the world is perfect just because you're sitting next to him.

A guy who knows you better than anyone.

Someone worth loving.
"Who's that guy opening doors for everyone?"
Oh, that's just Forrest. He's amazing.
by Doorsbaby. July 25, 2010
A Kind Man that is very helpful to the people around him. Gets along with many girls because he is also a person with a HUGE penis.
Forrest: Here, let me carry your books for you.

Nicole: Oh thank you, but I am in ever debt after what you gave to me last night!
by A DutchMan October 27, 2010
The name Forrest means...He's the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He's cute, smart, funny, understanding, in general just amazing. He'll make you feel like your his world whenever you talk to him. He always makes you smile and laugh, even in your worst moods. You could sit on the phone for hours with him and not say a word but never get bored. He'll tell you 'I love you' whenever you need to hear it the most. He wont let anyone get in the way of his feelings. He doesn't let people bother him. He brings out the best in you and makes you feel amazing in every way possible. He's there for you no matter what. He is willing you give you the world.
This guy is the most amazing guy on the planet, his name is Forrest.
by LipsLikeMorphine August 01, 2011
A wonderful guy who will always be there to comfort you. He will never stop telling you how much he loves you, especially when you need to hear it most. A Forrest is someone tall, with adorable glasses and with a tiny freckle right below his lips. He laughs harder than anyone else, and is extremely lovable. Forrest would never hurt you because he's the sweetest kid alive.
Me: WOAH How are you so fantastic??
Forrest: That's just how I am. Want a back massage?
by treetops77 December 12, 2010
get over it, move on with your life, what is done is done, shut the hell/fuck up, save the drama for yo mamma, no, she isnt, shes not, innocent person murdered, you are racist, you are the stupid one, suck/eat dick, some peoples children, who the hell does that, wash yo ass and yo mouth, eat shit, you dirty...good riddance
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