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A way of making it through a situation successfully through sheer dumb luck.
He really forrest gumped his way into that job.
#forest gumped #stupidity #luck #skills #retarded
by rlampani October 25, 2007
To shoot someone in the butt
1. "I got shot in the buttocks"

2. Gamer 1: I totally Forrest Gumped that guy

Gamer 2: Dude, niceeee.
#shot #forrest gump #freedom #murica #awesome
by thejokester001again October 25, 2014
The term Forrest Gumped refers to a specific level of intoxication or being Fucked Up, usually from a mixture of alcohol and tree. One would most likely have to go to extreme lengths to achieve this form of fuckedupness, but...nothings impossible.
Josh: "yo you see foster last night

Handle: "yea he was totally Forrest Gumped

Josh: "haha yea"
#drunk #fucked up #smashed #hammered #cocked
by SmokeTree November 12, 2010
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