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When one is stoned but not quite retarded; basically on the border of being alright and just fucked up. Forrest gump was not normal but he wasn't retarded, hence the perfect comparison to being not fully baked.
Pablo: everyone stoned yet?
Daniel: I'm still pretty sober...
Chris: I'm fucked up...
Alex: I'm Forrest gumping over here, 2 more hits and ill be stupid!
by Alex E aka Monkey February 09, 2008
While under the influance of alcohol and through no skill, knowledge or effort of your own manage to end up in a sexually gratifying evening usually with more than one partner of the opposite sex. These events are always indirectly aided by others in one way or another. This is similar to the accounts of Forrest Gump in the movie with respect to success with little known efforts.
-Dude did you end up in another three way last night with those two chicks from the bar?

-How do you keep Forrest Gumping your way into so much pussy?
-I don't know. I was just sitting there when the bartender asked me to loan my lighter to these two girls. Next thing I knew we were back at my place.
by douchewalker December 09, 2013
the act of being overly nervous or socially awkward around a beautiful girl
"Dude, quit Forrest Gumping and go talk to her already"


"So what did you and that chick do last night after i left?"
"I started Forrest Gumping when she took her shirt off, so she left"
by GordoWithaG-spot April 28, 2013
Forrest Gumping is the act of running, jogging, or walking for an extremely long time for no particular reason, often halfway across the country. Some have Forrest Gumped for so long that they end up grow gigantic beards.
Joe: You've ran all the way from New York City to Miami in less than a month. What the hell are you running from? The Mafia? The police? The government? Aliens?

Tim: No, I haven't been running from anything. I'm Forrest Gumping.

Joe: Ah, I see now.
by JohnMaddenFootball May 11, 2014
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