An idiot.
My boss is Forrest Gump.
by BongWaterBob September 09, 2003
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A long and involved, often exremely notable and serendipitous life story. Derived from the film Forrest Gump in which the main character tells his life story while sitting on a bus stop bench to various passers by.
Hey Dennis, I bet that accordion player over there has one hell of a Forrest Gump.
Why don't you tell me your Forrest Gump?
#forrest gump #life story #biography #autobiography #rambling
by Luke and Dennis June 01, 2006
Greatest ping pong player in the world.
Forrest Gump: "I like playin' those ping pongs."
#forrest #gump #tom #hanks #ping pong #70's #funny #as #hell #lmao #greatest #player #in #the #world
by Jackerfack September 29, 2009
A delightful movie, released in 1994, starring Tom Hanks as Forest Gump, a simple-minded southern gentlemen from Alabama with a speech impetiment and a low IQ (75), who tells his life story while waiting for a bus to visit an old friend. Gump cares about only three things: his momma (Sally Field), his life-long love and friend Jenny, and ping pong. Even though he isn’t very smart, his life was a giant adventure and filled with many memorable experiences. Some of his experiences include meeting Elvis; breaking records playing football for the Alabama Crimson Tide; being shot at in Vietnam, meeting President JFK; playing ping pong in China; witnessing the Watergate burglary; starting a fishing business called Bubba Gump Shrimp with Leutenant Dan, who he served with in Vietnam; and running from coast to coast. Near the movie’s end, it is revealed that he is waiting for the bus to visit Jenny after a long separation, where he learns that the two have a son. Forest and Jenny marry where Leutenant Dan shows up. Jenny dies near the end and leaves Forest a widower. “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get” was the movie’s key theme.
Forrest Gump is filled with laughs and tears and won an Oscar in 1995.
#tom hanks #alabama #retard #idiot #stupid #the 1960s #the 19703 #jenny #sally field #elvus #richard nixon #john f. kennedy #watergate #china #vietnam #gary sinese
by krock1dk January 16, 2009
The best movie ever made. It stars TOm Hanks as Forrest Gump, a man with a 75 point IQ who although isn't smart, is amazing and achieved much more than you probably will in you entire lifetime. No offense! Also, If Forrest Gump was a real person and could speak faste/dress better, he could most likely be the president we've ever had.

I seriously think you should watch the movie!!!
Forrest Gump is the best movie I have ever seen. I must buy it ASAP and watch it all the time, and possibly quote it in front of ppl who know where the quote is from but havent seen the movie so they cant laugh and only be bitter that they dont get it.
#forrest gump #forrest #gump #awesome #amazing #tom hanks #jenny #greenbow
by francesface October 16, 2008
A badass mothafucker who taught Elvis, was a Football Superstar, Vietnam War Hero, Ping Pong Legend, Shrimp Selling Millionaire, Track Running sensation, Punched a Bitch, and banged a whore named Jenny.
Forrest Gump will kick your ass.
#forrest #gump #badass #movie #forrest gump #peas and carrots
by fork82 October 16, 2011
A man with a low IQ and a big heart.
You: Sarah Palin was really smart.

Me: Forrest gump is both smarter and more charismatic than the entire Palin family.
#forrest gump #foresst gump #most awesome person ever #bubba gump shrimp co. low iq #big heart
by Martin 'The Madman' October 03, 2011
Someone who sits down with you when you are out someone that you dont want there.
Man sits next to you at a bar, you say "hey forrest gump, cant sit here"
#gump #forrest #bar #dont #next
by Capsfan January 22, 2011
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