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The next level of beast mode. When you are in Forrest Gump mode, you can do various things ranging from squatting 800 pounds, sprinting all the way through a marathon, standing on your pinky toes for an hour, and jumping over 20 ft walls from a stationary stance, all within the same workout. Forrest Gump mode can only be reached after perfecting beast mode, and takes practise and dedication to get into but can be greatly rewarding. If you find yourself shovelling through different workouts effortlessly, you are transcending from beast mode into Forrest Gump mode.
during weekdays when i go to gym i'm in beast mode but when the weekend oasis arrives I transcend into forrest gump mode and defy the laws of the universe FUCK YEAH FORREST GUMP MODE

hey tommy look at that guy over there he just ran 100 metres in 4.3 seconds and he stopped during the sprint to squat 800 pounds then he tried to dunk a basketball but couldn't because he ended up jumping over the rim that guy must be in forrest gump mode
by Forrest's long lost cousin May 05, 2014
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