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Formal Friday is the tradition, practice even religion of wearing a suit every friday regardless of what the dress code. It is specially more effective if they have casual friday. I started about 7 years ago after being told that I could not wear black jeans to work on Friday where they had business casual dress code. So now I wear a suit every Friday and I have a few of my friends and co workers do the same.
Why are you wearing a suit on a Friday?
It's Formal Friday. F'n Friday.
Nice suit but it's Friday?
Yes, It's Formal Friday. F'n Friday.
You're wearing a suit on Friday, do you have an interview?
No, It's Formal Friday. F'n Friday.
by fryguy August 09, 2007
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Due to the popularity of shows like Mad Men, games like L.A. Noire and a resurgence of overall classiness, and in part a rebellion against the hip-hop, grunge, "swag" culture of many high schoolers, Formal Fridays are a day for 20-somes and college students to dress in more formal attire, listen to big band and jazz music and sip straight liquor on the rocks.
Can't wait to wear this new skinny tie on Formal Fridays at the bar.
by DickWhitmanDonDraper January 12, 2013
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