To achieve penile penetration of another's anus.
When I was in prison, I used to get forged 5 or 6 times a day.
by pall November 11, 2003
Top Definition
1.Something kids in school do often when they forget to get their parents to sign something.

2.Something kids in school do often when they didn't forget but simply didn't want their parents to see something.

Often, they use a friend with good penmanship to do it for them.
Miranda forgot to get her parents to sign her field trip permission form, so she forged her mom's signature.

Lacey beat up Kyle, and she got a note sent home, which she didn't want her parents to see. She got Kyle to forge it instead.
by Vampire Ghost October 09, 2006
A blacksmith or engineer of a practical mein
This just isn't working, get a Forge in here to hammer it out.
by ZaphodBeeblebroxTheThird June 11, 2015
Originating from a gaming session on Halo 3, when the word forge was used so many times in one sentence that it could have meant anything. It is now a common substitute for the word "cum" or any sexual act. It can be used as a verb and a noun. Credit for it's creation goes to SpawnKillah and VickyRauss.
We were forging, and he got his forge all over me.
by vickysgrifball July 10, 2008
Prosperous,WELL-Known Family of Royalty.
The best thing to be with.....
You see Leo and Steve, they are perfect to be with, you could tell they are FORGES.
by Forges January 02, 2010
A gay guy who loves to hit women
That forge just hit my mom.
by SASSILE November 25, 2007
Forge An elite gamer born with uncanny talent, and skills unmatched by anyone in australia.
Possibly the leetest gamer to embrace the mebourne gaming scene
by dav1o October 06, 2004
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