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For eternity, usually used to describe someone's love for food or hate for Joe Jonas.
Bob: I love you.
Joe: Forever and always.
Bob: Aww, that's so sweet!
Joe: What? I was talking about my cheeseburger.
by Fisherman Bob March 13, 2010
21 12
A term used by two lovers, or two Best Friends. Meaning I promise to be here no matter what, If they killed your sister or brother, That you'll never leave their side. That no matter how many things try to destroy you guys, that it doesn't change a thing. Honestly meaning I love you. It's the truest and most accurate promise that Can Not Ever Be Broken. You truly got to mean it, to say it.
Me: I love you.

Him: Forever and Always, right?
Me: Forever and Always.
by StormChaser June 02, 2013
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