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Original definition: Foreigner - Someone who does understand how American society works. Nowadays it can mean just about anything. "Wow, ur so foreign." - Calling someone stupid or gay or something. Or, "Wow your so foreign!", as a compliment because they had a good idea or it can be like, "Im gonna foreign u in the face!' meaning, I'm gonna punch you in the face, or "Let's foreign" meaning let's fuck or lets go ect, or "Foreignocracy", politcal party. or "Foreignology" the study of all things foreign, and much more.
Kid 1- "Sebastian is so foreign"!
Kid 2- "I know, he doesn't understand society at all"!

Kid 1-"Wow, look who decided to be foreign..."
by TheGuyWhoWantsToHelp November 13, 2010
Nowadays Foreign means since she/he is not from around here so she is physically attractive,
Damn girl, you foreign
by Does Someone have this handle? January 11, 2016
A car from Europe (Mercedes, BMW, VW, Lamborghini)
There is a foreign parked down there
by Amsterdam-West April 04, 2008
an item or person misplaced in its environment
i am foreign to the world around me
by Foreign August 22, 2003
money, cash, bank, green
"im in love with me foreign yes im married to my dough" - chamillionaire
by V-Ro April 11, 2006
a) object or animal that does not belong in the current environment in which it is existing.

b) More likely, something or someone from another country.
Bloody Foreigners!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
1: English typed in a deliberate "foreign" accent (ie: "wod you tork, ithit?).

2: Everyone on the internet.

3: You (from the perspective of the vast majority of the planet).
Elroy is foreign.
in foreign: "thad elroy, he sach foreign"
by number-g March 30, 2009
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