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A euphoric sensation experienced solely by golfers when they score a hole in one.
Facing a possible club record with a gangly 8-par, Bob smacked it with all his might, the winds prevailed, and as the ball bounced into its homeland the course was ripe with celebratory foregasm and lite beer.
by Deep Stinker August 29, 2011
2 1
when you let loose the juice during fore play.
oH SHIT, billy foregasmed all over my new sweater!
by Lavagasm 2000 Moon Unit December 14, 2006
31 4
An orgasm during foreplay or a pre-premature ejaculation.
Foregasm - Ejaculating during foreplay.
by Mark W. Felt April 14, 2011
3 1
What you have when you sexually encounter "THE FORE"
THE FORE: How was that for you?
Girl: OMG i just had like 12 Foregasms
by foregasm444 March 09, 2009
1 6
when a man ejaculates on a golf course, and yells out "fore!" just before it hits some golfer on the cheek
Leemoney: FORE!!!
Peter: Huh? OH, UHGG, OH GOD DAMMIT! *gurgle gurgle*
Leemoney: YES, hole in one.
by YUH! June 26, 2004
19 25