The wyrd dat me and my dawg
anam(izzle) be comin up wit so dat we be makin it gangsta up in dis herr joint. Can you digg dat, playa playa?
Yo, I wuz hittin my books da other night cuz i'm an asian gangsta and all. And my hizzdawg Anam(izzle) wuz like, Lo Lo Lo, i be gettin it won with da anglo rappers, wryd; fo realz and fer dizzle shizzle.
by kNockdawg October 26, 2004
Top Definition
What you say when you're
A. Pissed off
B. Agreeing w/ someone
C. Trying to be gangster.
You best be givin' me all yo' money, home dawg or I'll bust you upside the head forealz.
by Master of the galaxy ;D June 17, 2011
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