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The 2nd generation of the Mustang, built between 1974-1978. Designed by Lee Iacocca and based on the the subcompact Ford Pinto platform. It came in basic coupe form, hatchback, or the up scale "Ghia" which had a landau vinyl roof treatment. Engines offered were either a I4 or V6 engine, but a small-block V8 became an option in '75.

During the gas crisis, it sold well, mainly due to the demand of small cars. But this generation is known to Mustang fans as one of the least popular. Mainly due to cheap wimpy Pinto type styling and the lack of a good performace engine. The base coupe and Ghia models were boring looking. And Hatchback models tried to hard to look sporty, what with the "Stallion" or "Cobra" trim. They offered paint jobs with strips going down the hood, a blacked out grill, and lots of plastic body moldings. But in the end the car just looked tacky and overdone, and was all show and no go. Sales declined after '75 and a newer more popular Mustang design would appear in 1979.
One of the worst cars I've ever seen was a rusty 1976 Ford Mustang II "Ghia", painted in white but sporting a ghastly bright red landau vinyl roof, with a red interior.
by Metalhead83 September 21, 2011
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