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An extremely good thing, accomplishment, or just something that's fabulous. Something or someone who is great, exceptional, to-the-t or just plain perfect.
"Oh yas hunny, this weave is FOR THA GODS!"

"Her shoes are brand new! Those are for tha gods!!!!"

"This perfect homework is for the gods! Yes!!!"
by tmmontgomery December 22, 2012
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The act of pouring out some your alcoholic beverage for the gods. Used during the Classical period of Rome and Greece. Its basis is in the fact that there is a certain amount of alcohol you were going to drink in the given night, and you are sharing it with gods because you are not selfish.
A guy approaches another guy in a bar. "For the gods?", and as they each pour some of their drinks out, they other replies "For the Gods".
by D Bakoo November 05, 2008
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