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Verb. To Footle. Footling is voluntarily undertaking a work type task in your own leisure time but in a half arsed or at least, unproductive, way. Footling is enjoyable to the footler, a bit like pottering. Pottering is normally done in a home or leisure environment, where as footling is undertaken in a work environment.

Footle is often used in a derogatory sense to indicate someone is doing a piss poor job of something, or to communicate the lack of importance of a particular job.
"Nevermind painting that, stop footling about and put the fucking fence up"

"Hey dude, what you up to?
Nuthin man, just footling about with these exhausts."

"Dude, did you footle that, or just fuck it up totally?"
by DMIG October 27, 2011
A foot which has formed into a turtle. Turtle feet
'Omy my foot has turned into a footle'
by Hollieinit October 09, 2008
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