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When you jack off or have some sex in the shower, the excess cum needs to be swept towards the drain with the foot, as an act of courtesy.
Hey Charlie! You jacked your bird in the shower and couldn't even do the foot sweep?!?

At least our friendship is goin' down the drain.
by for real skizzet January 30, 2008
To use your feet, especially with the aid of the socks, flip flops or slippers on them, to sweep the floor instead of using an actual broom or vacuum cleaner.
There were dust bunnies the size of Wyoming on the floor when I noticed my friend Rachel unexpectedly pulling up the driveway. My knee-jerk reaction was to swiftly footsweep the dust bunnies away from plain view in a futile attempt to conceal the grubbiness of my house.
by temporal fugitive March 15, 2011
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