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Foot Dragger meaning a street walker, hooker or prostitute anyone who sells sex for money on the streets.
Damn G look at that old ass washed up Foot dragger, she ain't worth a penny.
by Brooklyn February 27, 2005
a worthless hoe,a hoe that is constanly wearing flip flops with ashy heels and drags her feet ,also known by the name of yankee draggin footer,a hoe that is always starting drama but cant back it up ,a hoe that your man leaves you for who is no where near pretty , a dirty foot,nasty
man im so sick of these foot draggers they always draggin they feet talking mess and up in somebody man face
by leleknowsbest June 02, 2011
One who is an extremely slow hiker. One who is constantly dragging their feet and is always in need of new soles. One who doesnt like to work.
"That guy is such a Footdragger. I can't believe he hasn't made it to the summit yet."
by Hillbillyhiker October 28, 2005
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