When you plan a long run, typically between 7 and 20 miles, to end at a destination for food you would only eat after having finished a long run.
"I mapped a 10-mile food run from lower Manhattan to Bensonhurst because I wanted to reward myself with a giant bowl of pho and vietnamese snacks at the end. (Nevermind that that I live less than a mile away from perfectly delicious pho!)"
by AP Styles August 08, 2009
Top Definition
(n) the event of leaving school, work, or the house to quickly pick up food for and/or with one's friends. It may occur in groups or it may be done solo, but if it is done alone, the food is brought back to the person's friends.
Person 1: Jimmy went on a food run during his lunch break.
Person 2: But his lunch break is only 20 minutes!
by C4 Fire July 10, 2010
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