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A common practice amongst high school students. The ideas is for you and a friend "pimp" out a locker in various decorations and cram it with as much food as possible. Some ideas for decorations could include a tranquility fountain, flashing lights, disco balls, and pics of sporting events. However, the main object is to fill it with as much food as humanly possible; food would include candy bars, sodas, lollipops and nutritious snacks (in case your friend thinks he should be on the diet or in case your trying to drop a hint to your friend that he's a little on the heavy side.) The most important thing to remember of course is that its creativity and originalilty that count the most.
Dude 1: Have you seen Phil and Ed's food locker?
Dude 2: Naw, but I hear that thing is "pimped" wit a tranquility fountain and a flashing light.
Dude 1: Really!??!
Dude 2: Yeah, I might jus have to call that the Party Locker!
Dude 1: Sweet
by 1025 November 05, 2004
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