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fontenization(n) - The process of turning a noun into an adj, verb, adverb, or completely making a word up on the spot

fontenize(v) - The process of fontenizing

synonyms- word-smithing
antonym- prudezation
Noun: "Man my professor's fontenization skills are amazing. When he can't think of a proper word to describe what he wants to convey, he just makes on up on the spot. Oh, and they make sense too!!"

Verb: "DUDE, I totally fontenized the word prude so I can have an antonym for this new word!"

Examples of fontenization:

"By the time my friend finally returned from his trip, he was totally fobized. It was as if he had lived there for years."

"In java all objects are newed."
by nobodyyouhaveevermet March 25, 2010
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