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town in WV about 25 min outside of pittsburgh... the town it self isnt that big but it neibors weirton WV, and steubenville OH because they are all within 3 min of eachother all 3 small cities together give the area a big city vibe. follansbee is mostly made up of italians. downtown after dark u can find many small-time drugg dealers who make ther money by driving to weirton or crossing the bridge to steubenville to pick up ther packages. lots of drugs in the area mostly cocaine and prescription pills. many of the students from the local highschool ''brooke high'' graduate or dont graduate but eventually end up aressted before there 20th birthday for possession charges. the drugs in this town are becoming a huge problem and the problems they are bringn like gang violence are starting to scare away the older people that have raised their families there and have lived there for years.
jojo: yo lets go to follansbee get sum dat coke , i heard they sell it cheaper of there...

frankie: aight aight.. u buyin tho?
by dada844 May 02, 2010
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relatively Small town between Wheeling and Pittsburgh full of coke-heads and crack-whores. u can buy cocaine on just about every corner in downtown.
it always be "snowin" in Follansbee.
by aceace20 January 29, 2010

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