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An all-around cool and awesome guy who loves to party and hang out with girls. Great bod, great smile, and is the life of the party everywhere he goes.
My name is Michael, and I absolutely LOVE Fojo, even though I'm not gay. He is the life of the party.
by RBK4LIFE March 27, 2012
Female mojo, because mojo is gender-neutral, and sometimes it's useful to make a distinction.
Add some more of that lipstick, girl. We gotta work our fojo tonight.
by Emblem Parade September 21, 2005
the opposite of mojo. Or, when someone thinks they are sexy or charming and really arn't.
"That fag with the pimp cain and alligator boots has sure got plenty of fojo."
by nolosnoc October 30, 2007