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A person who you REALLY don't like, They just get on your nerves and make lies about you. A fobot is a person who is mean to you hence they are a fobot
He is the biggest Fobot I know, he told on me for asking him to bequiet dring rehersal, He just doesn't understand bcause he is very fobotic.
by Big-Bertha November 08, 2010
Fear Of Being Out Thrifted. Your friend hits a section before you, and you secretly fear that they will score something awesome. Also applies when they already have found some awesome stuff and you worry that your thrifting skills will be put to shame. Happens most frequently when thrifting with a friend who wears the same size as you.
I got a serious case of FOBOT after my best friend found that kickass dress right in front of me.
by lovelynerd September 04, 2014
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