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Meaning "Really", "Honestly" or "For Sure". Commonly used by TaraJane B.'s only used by her...
-You told her what he said about her?
- Fo Serious


-You really are sick?
- Fo Serious
by Anonymous.... January 12, 2005
A word used for FOR SURE but foserious for instead of sure saying are yu serious and sure at the same time
That new Wayne CD came out, foserious
by Bruce C March 23, 2007
1.seriously or aquainted with a question to show truth and seriousness.

2.sure seriously
Danien:U fo serious u lost yo cd?
boniqua:yea im fo sho i dont know where it is.
Damien:mane you fo serious!

sandy: Im fo serious i want u out of my hizouse!!!
by Debra November 22, 2003
the intensity of a serious

person1: I just sharted
person2: FO SERIOUS
person1: FO SERIOUS???
person2: FO SERIOUS NOT FIVE SERIOUS BECAUSE that would be too many!!
by niggaa February 23, 2006
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