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A very rare parasite that is hard to find until it is latched onto your arm and WON'T COME OFF. The only way to get rid of Flynn is to ignore it, and it might go away, but it might also stay and try harder to get your attention. Sometimes it is possible to tame a Flynn into doing whatever you damn well please, but that is also very unlikely.

Ways to spot a Flynn:
You'll often find him following you at a distance. If you make eye contact, it will take this as an invitation to come up and start yapping your ear off.
The Flynn is also a creature that will copy its host, so if you start wearing certain clothing, say very bright pink leg warmers, you will probably find the Flynn covered with bright pink spots. Also, if you say something that gets any kind of positive acknowledgement then The Flynn will continuously repeat said phrase.
guy: I wonder what it would be like if I were asian? Herow!

five hundred weeks better
guy: Oh my god, SHUT UP!
by handsomestisnotaword April 04, 2011
two-inch penis. this is a known fact around the globe.
Oh boyy, I sure hope he doesn't have a FLYNN!
by FLYNN! August 07, 2007
Expanding the anus using two middle fingers and for extra kicks inserting a tounge into the rectum or other objects if you are a daring individual.
One time I flynned my dog. He ran away.
by Rock Elle Brizats in the hizzy April 16, 2004
The act of inserting two middle fingers (with the knuckles facing) into someone's anus. The act can be self applied but is not as cool and could result in carpal tunnel sydrome and anal bleeding.
Holy shit, you just got double flynned. At least you didn't get a four bagger.
by R Pizzy April 15, 2004
The best hockey player in Connecticut that is 14 and can school anyone who he plays. he is incredible with the puck and scores so many goals. hes probibly the best freshman in connecticut period.
Flynn made varsity and hes only a freshman. he is so fuckin good
by Adam Delgado December 06, 2004