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WARNING - this is a very advanced sex maneuver that only those with the proper training should even consider to attempt

The move starts out with a guy and a girl having sex doggie style
The man initiates the move by lifting up the girl and spinning her above his head like one tosses pizza crust before they cook it - After thoroughly spinning the female around his head (in order to make her fully dizzy) the guy proceeds to stop her, grab her mid-region, and drop her body onto his erect penis penetrating one of her various bodily orifices and immediately ejecting his secret sauce into the previously stated orifice
Fred: "Dude i saw a video of some guy doing the Flying Pizzaria - that chick couldn't walk right for a week!"
Roger: "haha yea i tried doing that once, but im not up to that level yet"
by ATMC April 15, 2010
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