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A fat person trying to crowd surf and when they jumps the crowd parts like the red sea.

When someone try to do a stage dive but the crowd moves away (usually happens when fat people try to stage dive).

Any attempt at a stage dive or crowd surf that causes the crowd to separate as the person is still in midair.
Fat guy: I'm going to go crowd surfing!
Friend #1: Don't do it!
*Fat Guy jumps of stage*
Crowd: SHIT!
*Crowd moves from under the fly fat guy*
*Fat Guy falls on his face*
Friend #2: Why did you try a flying moses, fat ass?
by lonercs June 16, 2010
A dance move in which a person's arms and legs are simultaneously doing the same, spazzy movements.
Jamie: Woah, Dude what is he doing?

Bill: That, my friend, is the Flying Moses.
by Donchico February 24, 2014
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