This is a legend: an imaginary copulation in which the male dives into the female. Simply impossible.
The movie showed some jerk allegedly performing a flying fuck, just for laughs.
A flying-fuck would probably kill one or two people.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
A flying fuck is when one person is suspended from the ceiling and spins rather than thrusts in and out.
She hung by ropes from the chandelier and gave him a flying fuck.
by sqrfolkdnc January 21, 2008
when you fuck your bitch while jumping up and down
"yo i gave my bitch a flying fuck because she always wanted to fly"
by nick toale March 09, 2008
Literal meaning: a jar filled with the juices excreted during sex, flying through the air.

Figurative: When you do not care whatsoever about something.
"Dude there is a flying fuck in the air."
"I hate school, do you honestly think I give a flying fuck if I get an A on my paper?"
by bamafan135 January 15, 2008
when two birds are having sex in mid air ot two people haveing sex on a flying object. (:
megan and ashley decided to pull a flying fuck on the airplane.
by ashley megan March 22, 2008
Go waste somebody elses time, hopefully your own.
Take a flying fuck at a rollin' donut!
by VP-bofh January 26, 2004
having sex in mid-air!for instance
1)in an aeroplane
2)when fucking on a swing
they had a flying fuck in the garden!
by ashwani fucker September 19, 2003
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