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Flying Awkward Turtlescollege (-0.697)
this happens when a situation is so awkward if the turtles weren't flying they would cut the tension and all hell would break lose. However, if the tension is cut an immediate mob of more flying turtles, awkward turkeys, awkward peacocks and regular awkward turtles start to surround the situation. If there is a silence from the awkward situation for longer than 5-10 seconds then a giant Awkward killing shark comes along and eats everything in one bite, thus returning everything back to normal.
I was buying condoms in the sex isle at the store the other day, and my girlfriends dad walked up and started having a conversation with me about her. When he saw what i was buying, flying awkward turtles started to swarm above me. Eventually they cut the tension and then a mob of turkeys, peacocks and more turtles started to swarm. The awkward killing shark never came...
by G-money777 May 16, 2011
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