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A Fluoride Vampire is one who refuses to remove their head from the sand. One who cannot wrap their tiny mind around proven facts, even when it is shown to them. Educating his/herself is not an option as they are perfectly content with remaining ignorant because of an infallibility complex which they suffer from, or perhaps it is simply a lack of intelligence and lack of a sense of humility. In short; a Fluoride Vampire is someone who is beyond help and engaging in prolonged discussions with said Fluoride Vampire should be avoided at all costs as to not become afflicted with Fluoride Vampire syndrome which usually leads to severe brain rot and overly passive behaviours such as agreeing to allow the police into their home without a search warrant as well as giving up other constitutional rights.
Fluoride Vampire #1: "The Police recently investigated themselves and found they were not guilty of any wrongdoing. They then cleared themselves of all charges. This proves without a shadow of a doubt that they are innocent, law-abiding citizens just like everyone else."

Fluoride Vampire #2: "Sounds totally legit. Thanks for clearing that up."
by Higzy May 23, 2013
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