can be used to describe a situation of bullshit.
Damn where the hell did that cop come from..Thats fluke!
by bskillzz February 16, 2006
in the san diego, ca 92114 area a fluke can be the action of saying you are going to do somthing, or something you call a person a who says they are going to do something, and they make you think they really are and then they up and change their mind about doing it and dont do it.
at 4:03pm jennifer, "be ready by 6:30pm on the dot because that's when we're leaving!"

at 7:26 tiffany calls jennifer, "hey where the hell are you at? it's 7:26pm, you said 6:30pm"

jennifer, "oh yea, i dont think im going any more."

tiffany, "damn, you FLUKED me.....well gee thanks for letting me know you changed your mnid foo! uugh you damn fluke!"

jennifer, "whatever"
by TiFFBO February 18, 2010
Michigan State Universities 2010 College Football Season.
No fluke here: Chippewas earned win over MSU.
by Enemy_1 August 30, 2011
a fluke is a "flying luke" This is when anyone named Luke is airborne in any way.
Luke has never flown before. If he did, it'd be a fluke.
by Tartarsaws March 11, 2015
(1)fluke :
can be used to describe a situation of bullshit.
(2)fluke :
something that happens solely due to luck
Ex1: Damn where the hell did that cop come from..Thats fluke!
Ex2: It is not just a fluke that Captain’s vocal cords can reach the octave of his cousin Leona.
by Sonnyboy22 May 10, 2009
1. Unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck.
The New York Rangers Game 4 win against the Los Angeles Kings was a total fluke. Never will happen again. Kings in 5.
by spell$ June 11, 2014
A way of learning from your physical mistakes.
Fluke could be another way of saying trial and error.
by SomeoneNew August 15, 2011
something that doesn't go as planned. can be used to describe a situation or a person.
"That party was a fluke"

"Weren't you suppose to hang out with your friend tonight?" "Yeah, but they fluked"
by brittanyxcarter April 02, 2011
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