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Pubic Hair on a Female's Vaginal Area
If she got fluff on the muff, shes old enough.
by Slim August 14, 2004
75 6
To put it quite simply: vagina pubes
Fluff being the pubes, and muff being a slang term for vagina
"If there's fluff on the muff, she's old enough."
-Ali G.
by Johnjacobjingleheimerschimdt April 01, 2010
37 4
When you go to your local super market and buy that delicious stuff they cal Fluff that you mix with Peanut Butter. You than go home find your girlfriend and say "Hey Babe, Let me put some Fluff on Your Muff." Than you kick it wit her and watch her legs spread as she begs you to spread the Fluff.
Yo Man I hate whipped cream, so im gonna put some fluff on the muff instead.
by RobbieNJ November 15, 2006
9 33