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To wave arms up and down whilst isuing a "woop-woop-waddle" sound not unlike the Dr Zoidberg one, often used to simbolise ones craziness.
Everyone stared at Molly, who had began to Flubble across the room. We all knew she was awsomly insane
by Mad Tree March 10, 2008
12 13
Gross extra fat around the midriff.

Not cute like love handles or a muffin-top. Just gross. Grosser even, than flab.
My what a big flubble butt she has.

My flubble seems to look worse today. Oh probably my time of the month.
by flubble_victim June 29, 2011
12 10
Firm Cuddle
I just flubbled my friends.
by booyaaakkaashaaaa August 06, 2010
1 7
The name given to the sound made by farting whilst submerged in a large vat of custard.
"Gertrude giggled inexplicably, flubbling haphazardly in the custard filled bath".

"Uhoh - here comes another flubble"
by Bishop Odo March 24, 2010
3 9
To place ones head between a pair of, preferably copious, breasts, whilst exhaling heartily, and simultaneously shaking one's head laterally with vigour.
As her ample breasts enveloped my face, i smiled, and started to flubble, until near-exhaustion.
by Mad Dog & Mad Dog Lady November 18, 2007
8 16