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Noun. (Fl-oh-gah-sum)

The desired action of one male, typically of hockey-player origin, having such luxurious hair, or flow, that is irresistible to women.

Typically accompanied by said women's fixation and inability to remove their hands from aforementioned Flow, and the loss of one, or both, parties' clothing.
A: Did you see that puck-slut last night at the party?

B: Yeah...She was all over my Flow man. She was whispering about Flowjobs so I took her back and completed the night with an enriching Flowgasm.
by SnatchNapkin014 February 12, 2012
The orgasm resulting from someone's insane amount of flow.
"Look at Jake's flow! I think I just had a Flowgasm."
by KMCGRATH February 16, 2010
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