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1. A little girl who carries flowers at a wedding.

2. A girl who regularly inhales marijuana.
1. The flower girl carried flowers at the wedding.

2. Yeah, Lauren's a flower girl.
by ace227 November 04, 2007
A homewrecking little self-centered, immature and selfish brat; oblivious to the damage inflicted on others by her bizzarre desire to hook up with a messed-up and broke (but admittedly handsome and fit) older married guy.
ANGRY WIFE: How could you take up with that boobless little tramp!?!?! You look ridiculous, a man in his late forties hanging around with her! She's almost 20 years younger than you!! She practically could have been the damn FLOWER GIRL at our wedding, you no good fuckball!!!

GUILTY HUSBAND: Yeah, I know...
by NOT little red baby February 11, 2010
Female Vice Lord
Aye Man that Flower Girl beat that ckrab bitch frm the quaters!!
by Almighty55VLN November 09, 2009
A female virgen that a male is saying.
She's a flower girl.
by Jacob Soto October 17, 2004