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The 'clapping' sound a Scrotum makes when slapped against skin. As it would sound during excessive "male" masturbation when the scrotum slaps against a palm, or during fast intercourse; when gravity and momentum slap the scrotum against the partner's skin very close to an orifice. The area could be a chin, pubic region or anal region, depending on position of the two people involved.
Hooper knew what was going on in Bryan's bedroom because he could hear the 'Flot-Flot-Flot' from outside the closed door.


As Abel's scrotum 'Flotted' against her skin, he was amazed at just how sloppy the sex was that night.

As a means of insult; Shut up, Flothead! Fuck off, Flot-Face! You've got Flot breath...
by Riffkin August 03, 2009
Adj. A copious or excessive amount. A fucking lot.
B: How much email do you get?
N: A flot.
by The Spider Pig August 13, 2011
Pot that has been dropped or found the floor
I found some flot in my car, so we blazed a bowl in the parking lot
by dannidave August 21, 2008
pot that falls on the floor; floor plot.
oh shit my car has so much flot in it!!
by Dave &Danielle August 21, 2008
N. Pot that fell to the floor, either just recently and retrieved, or rediscovered from a long-ago transgression. While most commonly happens in the car, due to space constrictions, flot has also been known to show up in one's bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.
Danielle: "Damn, we are all out of stuffable herbage. Whatever will we do?"

Dave: "I don't know, babe-" <looks down in car> "Alright! We got some flot here!"

<All rejoice.>
by WisemanX August 22, 2008