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An overpriced college (most expensive in the South) which contains a unique mixture of stuck up cunts, wannabes, fake ass "I'm more Christian than you" assholes, ugly girls who think they are hot, very bad and overworked teachers, no parking, broken technology everywhere, and we cannot forget the white girls who think it's really cool that they only sleep with black guys.

A few good things: there are a total of five great teachers, the Forensic program is great, close to the beach, the Indians are surprisingly polite, the people who aren't ignorant fakers are also polite, and it has an awesome library.
My friend: "Hey, so I got accepted into the Florida Institute of Technology!"

Me: "That's great, you'll fit right in with the other ugly stuck up bitches at Florida Tech who have never done anything in their lives but think the world revolves around them."
by FITstudent2009 May 22, 2009
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