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A norwegian "city" with about 10 000 inhabitants. Situated far west in the country. In a constant friendly "word battle" with its neighbour city.

People from Florø seems to have a little lower IQ values than others.

Also to be mentioned is that Florø did not get a road connection with the rest of Norway before 1930..

the "ø" might be hard to pronounce for some of you. It is to be pronounced like the vowel sound in "fuck".

Examples of phrases connected with conversations about Florø (insulting is the big goal):
"Oh look, that person seems to have stone age genes. He must be from Florø."

"Florø - the junkyard of western Norway"

"People from Florø does indeed have a slow digestive system."
by Anonymous September 07, 2004
slang meaning "floor"
He's gonna get pwned all over the floro.
by James January 27, 2004
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