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People who: (1) can’t afford to buy $5,000 tables at exclusive Vegas nightclubs; (2) queue in the general admissions line like muggy cunts; (3) buy drinks at the bar like losers; and (4) dance on the floor rather than on top of their expensive waitress serviced table.
Vegas Dave: "Cyril this is a great stag."

Cyril: "Yeah mate I'm so glad we bought this $5,000 table."

Vegas Dave: "Yeah mate, just look at all those Floor Monkeys down there, dancing to Chris Brown."

Floor Monkey: "Hey what did you just say? I'm more than just a Floor Monkey."

Cyril: "You're right. You're also a muggy cunt".
by Vegas Dave June 30, 2011
Anyone who works at the front lines of an organization. At a bank, it would be the tellers. At a service organization it would be those who deal directly with clients or customers. Floor monkeys can of course be well paid if they are, for example, at a large multinational corporation where they make sure computer servers are up and running properly, make sure a company's invoices are paid on time or provide information, reports or expert knowledge to business-to-business clients. Essentially, they are at the bottom of the organizational pyramid and rarely if ever have direct reports.
John and I are both floor monkeys at work. If were weren't there to keep things running management would be screwed. I don't think they even know what we do.

My boss always has his head in the clouds, if it weren't for us floor monkeys this company would grind to a halt and all of the "organizational goals" would be irrelevant
by jdogg00 June 27, 2015
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