The sexual act in which a male flings his dong into a female's oral, anal, or vaginal cavity and is usually performed on a king size bed. A derivative of the latin phrase "slutivus cum flongdivious."
"Did you hear that Johnny totally flonged this chick on Saturday night?"

"Dude, if Sandy doesn't let me flong her tonight, I'm dumping her.
by Joey V69 August 09, 2007
Top Definition
The greatest drinking game of all time.

You have a table, and 1 person from each pair is standing at a head of the table. So at first glace it looks like ruit, but you are actually standing ACROSS from your partner. Each person has 4 cups lined in front of them, and each pair has a ping pong ball. The objective is to throw the ball into your partners 4 cups, if you sink one, then your partner drinks it, and plays flip cup with it. Once he flips it, he can shoot on your cups. First team to flip all 8 cups, wins. It is a game of speed, which makes it infinitely better than ruit.

What makes it different is also that the winner drinks more than the loser, usually it's a full beer for each four cups. Plus a game with good players takes about 3 minutes, so more people get to play.
"Mike and Brian were 13-0 at flong, now they are sharing a victory vomit."

by Patrick Kevin Patterson November 24, 2008
noun: a foot long sandwich

Background: It came from my strange mind one day in Subway.
Dude, I'm really torqued at Brian, he grubbed my f'long.
by shankus November 30, 2004
A penis that is extremely long and with less width than average.
(Fucking + Long = Flong)
Wow! Brad has a Flong dick eh guys?
by Coope January 04, 2015
A longer than average dating fling. When your casually dating someone for about 6-10 months but the relationship still never turns into anything serious. You may take this person to a movie or a friends wedding all while maintaining a highly sexual relationship but then the fling sort of just ends without any bad feelings.
I like Jenny a lot and she's good in bed, but I just don't see me being married to her. I think this is just a flong!
by Mcjabb December 29, 2011
Slang term for thong, perhaps in reference to a flesh-coloured flong, but can be used to refer to any thong.
The word can then be expanded upon and used as a verb.
"I've got my flong on"
"I'm flonging it"
"I'm feeling flongalicious today"
"I'm flon flong flashing"
by Fiona Bruce May 15, 2008
a midwestern saying for "working it at the bar or club".
I'm going to flong some girls this weekend.

You want to go flong tonight?
by bigdannitykane24 August 24, 2010
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