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1. To describe someone or yourself when in a state of bliss, or just plain happyness, or when in a state of utter dispair, or just plain sadness.

2. A planet located somewhere in the solar system. Also refers to an alien race, however there is no connection between the planet and the race other than the name.
1. Josh "Wow, I feel so flognar right now!"
Douche Bag "CHEER UP ASSHOLE!!@"
Josh "Aww, now I'm flognar..."

2. Alien Y "Isn't Flogar beautiful this time of night?"
Alien x "Why is it called Flognar, but we are the alien race of Flognar, and we don't even have any relation to it other than our name?"
Alien Y "...I...don't...know...Wanna makeout?"
by Eddie the cool kid September 08, 2006
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