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FloHo (or plural FloHo's) are Ho's in Florida. SoFloHo's are Ho's in South Florida. FloHo's are not imports but local Ho's. Known for blowing off annoying hypersexed 'regular' guys who are only in their city or town traveling in for fun in the sun or for Spring Break. FloHo's prefer local dudes or rich men traveling in.
Check out the FloHo's on the beach. Thong bikinis and bitchin' tans. Man they totally dissed us when they found out we were just dudes on vacay (vacation) from Idaho.
by sarasplayroom.com July 02, 2009

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short for floor ho, meaning a female college student who has slept with many men on her dorm floor.
"That girl has slept with all the guys on this floor"
"Yeah, for realz, she's a flo-ho
by amishra April 15, 2008