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Flippish \fli’-psh\ adjective taken from the slang Flip or Filipino
1. anything that has Filipino flavor.
2. fickle minded or indecisive
3. odd, crazy or weird.
4. Refers to the Filipino website portal
Ever since his dad died, he has been a little flippish.
by KarloIMC June 19, 2008
(noun)One who imitates the comedy antics and catch phrases of Phil. (adj) One who has the ability to imitate Phil. (verb) To imitate the comdey antics of Phil and to repeat his catch phrases profusely.
(1)Joe: Hey Dion listen to this, "Hey Dion, stop being such a shotty hoebag. Quit it Maxi!"
Phil: Joe stop being Flippish
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood April 25, 2004
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